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"Treatment of genital wart is challenging art work.

They are stubborn and they don't  go away that easily. We have treated numrous of them in our center in the past with excellent outcome. It really needs clinical experience and skill, We get rid of them one by one ." 

Dr. Arani, M.D.






      $ 20 Consultation and evaluation   


Welcome to  Dr. Arani's Clinic web site for genital wart treatment. Upon consultation, we will evaluate you and will customize your diagnostic and treatment plan. Most of our patients get treated in only 1-3 sessions depends on size, location and number of their genital wart. Cosmetic outcome is always our goal.  



What is genital Wart ? Visible genital warts usually are caused by HPV types 6 or 11. HPV is a virus, wart is outcome, but remember not every growth on genital is genital wart by HPV. It must be diagnosed by your medical doctor only.


HPV: It stands for Human Papilloma Virus. It is consider to be sexually transmitted disease (STD).




Diagnosis :  Again not every growth on genitalia is genital wart by HPV. It must be diagnosed by experience medical doctor only. Diagnosis could get confirmed by biopsy. We provide diagnostic service after initial consultation and evaluation. Sometimes same day such as biopsy or papsmear if patient coming to our center from long distance .There is HPV test for female with some element of typing. If HPV cuase visible genital skin growth (wart) , then doctor examination is the most important factor.

Cosmetic Concern: Most of infected genital wart patients are anxious for cosmetic aspect of their genital wart. Nobody like to have disfiguring growth specially on his/her genitalia. Many patients get worry when meeting new partner about how to explain their condition to them. Genital wart is noticable and not avoidable. It is the most common sexually transmitted disease and we understand the psychological aspect of this disfiguring infection. We always keep the cosmetic of genitalia in mind while treating these difficult lesions.


Location of Wart: It effects both female and male. Scrotum, the penis, vulva,  perineum, and perianal skin, genital warts can also occur on the cervix, uterine and in the vagina, urethra, anus, and mouth. Intra-anal warts are seen predominantly in patients who have had receptive anal intercourse; Anoscopy or anal papsmear might be needed for these patients. These warts are distinct from perianal warts, which can occur in men and women who never had  anal sex. We diagnose and treat most of those external wart.


How about Condom ? Although condom is must but unfortunately it does not protect you totally from genital wart, condom provide protection till base of the penis but do not provide protection for your penile base (where there is no condome coverage), pubic area and scrotom area. Many patient have their original genital wart in those area but it gets spread to penile shaft later.




So what about Treatment? 

There are many different treatment approach available for Genital Wart. To Dr. Arani personal clinical experience cream is not as effective, although he would not recommend Non-FDA approved cream at all on genital wart. You could irritate the wart and facilitate the viral transmission. We have seen cases of local complications, Some of these cream contain peeling acid such as glycolic acid (ingredient used for skin peeling in cosmetic cream) and for marketing purposes they try to sell them for genital wart treatment. Genital wart is a medical condition and must get treated by physician only.

Our approach for treatment might be different from person to person. It depends on location, size,and quantity of warts.

Our Goal of treatment of genital wart is

"One Time Treatment for Each indvidual wart "

If you have been treated in the past for your genital wart you will understand above statement easier. We frequently see patients with multiple treatment of their warts with significant relapse rate. Our goal is to treat gential wart with no relapse on treatment site. Our scuccess rate is very high as our experience has contributed to that.



What CDC recommend:

According to Center of Disease Control, treatment of genital warts should be "guided by the preference of the patient, the available resources, and the experience of the health-care provider".

1) Preference of patients : We always discuss the treatment plan with patient before procedure

2)Available resource : Our clinic is not only equiped with freezing device. We have wide range of modalities and euipment for genital treatment to choose from

Surgical removal  tangential scissor excision or tangential shave excision
electrosurgery cautrey
infra red
Thermal cautery

cryotherapy device (freezing)


3) Health care provider experience: Dr. Arani has treated many patients with genital wart , patients happiness is our ultimate goal



Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is caused by a poxvirus of the Molluscipox virus genus (MCV)that produces a benign papular eruption of multiple umbilicated cutaneous tumors.It gets transmitted by direct skin contact and It could get transmitted sexually (STD). It is generally thought to infect humans exclusively, but there are a few isolated reports of Molluscum contagiosum occurring in pigeons, chickens, chimpanzees, dog, horse and kangaroos. The infection has higher incidence in those who are immunodeficent.

We diagnose and treat molluscum contagiosum in our center.




How about internet remedies /cream/solution/ointment

There are many of these available online. You just need to put search for genital wart or molluscum and you will see many of these non-fda approved remedies pop up.We mostly know these products through our patients and their unpleasant experiences. Unfortunately it looks like anybodies could label any item and market them. It is internet and open market place, some consumers get foul easily and put themselves or their partner at risk by using these bogus remedies. In conclusion, If it sounds too good to be true then you may need to give it a thought.


According to Food and Drug Administration

“Be Suspicious

Promoters of fraudulent health-care products often use similar claims and practices to lure consumers into buying their goods. The FTC and FDA advise consumers to be suspicious of:

Claims that the product is "natural" or "non-toxic," suggesting it does not have side effects. "Natural" or "non-toxic" does not necessarily mean safe. Some "natural" supplements contain potent stimulants; others can result in negative interactions with medicines.

Testimonials from people who claim amazing results. Testimonials often are undocumented and are not a substitute for scientific proof.

Claims that a product is a "scientific breakthrough," "miraculous cure," "secret ingredient" or "ancient remedy."

Claims that the product is an effective cure for a wide range of ailments.

Claims that use impressive-sounding medical terms.

Claims that the product is available from only one source, and payment is required in advance.

Claims of a "money-back" guarantee.

Web sites that fail to list the company's name, physical address, phone number or other contact information.”

How to spot health fraud:

Example of warning letter for Silver product



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"I was treated for genital wart for years without success as they always came back,  I am glad to find the clinic, I am very happy that I got rid of them finally" confidential patient Studio City, CA   


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