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BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) means that the Vaginal is infected with bacteria. It is one of the most challenging issue in womens health considering diagnosis and treatment. It is easily misunderstood as a "yeast infection" self-diagnose by women and therefore is prone to wrongful self-treatment.

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Bacterial Vaginosis is common infection in patient with multiple sexual partners, so the presence of STDs must always be considered. We commonly see patients in our clinic who complain of vaginal discomfort and have been using intra vaginal cream and medicine without effect. They mostly get self treated for a yeast infection which does not effect the bacteria. We also see many patients complaining of recurring symptoms.


A Doctor must obtain a complete patient history, perform a physical exam, and obtain appropriate samples for testing.

We evaluate test and treat patients with bacterial vaginosis with a high success rate. This success is based on the fact that we always do a complete work up and we pay close attention to the sexual partners role in symptomatic patients. We always consider treating both partners. Multifactorial possibilities for BV make it challenging to treat. For example, if you have trichomonas then it does not mean that you do not have other bacteria! If you just get treated for trichomonas you may feel better but not 100% and you may still have symptoms if you have a coinfection with other organisms.

Not much is known as to how women get BV, however, we do know that those who have never had sexual intercourse are rarely affected. So important question is that if it is a STD? Could your boyfriend could give you BV if his ex was infected? If partner needs to get treated if he does not have any symptom? Further studies and research may be needed to answer similar questions.



We do know that you do not get BV from bedding, toilet seats, swimming pools, or from touching objects. It is still not clear what role sexual activity plays in the development of BV.


Symptoms of BV (could be one or more of following)

Vaginal discharge



Burning during urinaion

Vaginal tingling

Or according to CDC “no symptoms at all”


Testing and Diagnosis (learn what makes us really different)

The gold standard testing for Bacterial Vaginosis is direct Microscopic study (Gram Stain / wet mount). Cultures or Pap smears which are routinley performed are not a truly effective diagnostic test for BV. Please refer to CDC guidlines for further information. Direct microscopic study requires special labarotory licensing, quality control, proficient testing, and above all expertise. As a result, not many physicians or clinics are able to perform direct microscopy such as gram stain and they are limited to other methods. We have a variety of options in our center to choose from when it comes to Bacterial Vaginosis evaluations including gold standard microscopic testing.   


Complications of BV if Left Untreated

1 - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease with ultimate infertility

2 - Susceptibility to HIV infection

3 - Susceptibility to other STDs, such as Gonorrhea & Chlamydia


Prevention of BV

Be abstinent.

Limit the number of partners.

Do not douche.

Use all of the medicine prescribed for treatment of BV, although the signs and symptoms may have gone away.



tBV is the effect and not the cause. Effective treatment depends on diagnosis, diagnosis and diagnosis. Not every patient is the same. The right antibiotic and treatment duration with possible life style changes could possibly be recommended by a doctor after the cause is uncovered.


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