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Certain incident of STD in California is rising such as Chlamydia. Many factor contribute to this in my opinion  ( Dr. Arani ) as following :


1) Casual sexual activity without relationship ( so called one night stand) is getting more common.


 Internet and easier communication facilitate this new chapter of sexual activity today. People meet each other easily through Internet and have casual sex and would repeat the similar behavior over and over and they act as vector without knowing  for spreading STD.

In our center we always ask patients regarding their sexual activity to establish risk factor such as :

where and how you met your partner ?  such as Internet , Bar , Night club , Gentleman club, Prostitution , through friend and so on.

How many partners have you had for past 1 year ?

What do you think about your new partner?

Was it one night stand ?

What sexual activity you got involve with ?  For example, did you use condom for oral sex?

What is your sexual preference ?



2) Decreasing  fear of HIV/AIDS


By discovering HIV in 80's and overwhelming fear of sex among people theoretically

this could have decreased exposure to STD, However, that fear and anxiety seems to have been subsided. It might be because we have better medicine for HIV treatment and public has lost their fear of contracting HIV.  I will give you a common sense example :

John is 22 years old and have had 2 different partners in past one year, he got tested for HIV and he was negative . Following year he has 3-4 partners and  he tested again and he was negative for second time. He might think he is not going to catch it (or less likely to get HIV ) so he will have sex with more partners fearlessly following year. Considering this risky behavior not only he put himself on risk of getting HIV but also to get infected with other STDs.







California has one of the strongest economy in the world which may contribute to rising number of certain STD such as Chlamydia. We are not living in small town

that family value  has stronghold and monogamy and marriage is respected. People come to California for fun from all over the world and  they bring STDs with themselves  as well. They come to act in movies and some end up in pornography studios.

(Southern California is one of the leading area of porno movie production)

and list of contributing factor goes on and on ...






Following is some statistic example for growing number of Chlamydia in California











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