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This page is to inform you about the growing number of bogus online STD Testing Centers




A simple positive or negative test result by a web site lab - does not necessarily mean that you do or do not have a STD.


One website with hundreds of "Testing centers" !


These internet "STD Testing" websites are mostly located outside of California, and most of them are just a simple website without a physical location. They charge the buyer and send the patient to a lab specimen receiving center (which exist in many locations) without an actual doctor visit or situation specific testing and interpretation of results. They claim they have more than 1800 and some 2500 STD Testing Centers/ Clinics nationwide!! This is misleading. Oftentimes, these websites are nothing more than a toll free number, credit card machine, and test sales person with possibly wrong information. You could try calling for yourself, and if you state that you have had sex 2 days ago then they would encourage you to get tested for HIV DNA PCR!! even though the HIV PCR test is not to be used until 30 days after exposure. If You are negative, You must not have peace of mind and if You are positive, You are again on your own to find a real doctor to verify the results and get treated !




There are many unlawful Internet web sites that function as a medical or STD test sales vendor. They simply receive a patient's credit card info and send the order to a lab center. Labs may assume that a patient was seen by a real doctor and tests were ordered by him or her. We have seen many patients with inaccurate and wrong test orders and results. In this way, these websites put public and both sexual partners at risk of contracting an untreated STD.




Compare us

Dr Arani Medical Center 


Other "Testing Centers" & etc

STD Exam

Will be done as part of the consultation by doctor , you may get diagnosis without even testing

 No Exam available


Oral sex, anal sex, pubic related STD

 We are able to test you

For example : Gonorrhea, in throat or tonsils or anus 


Accuracy and Quality of Testing

 Exclusive STD Medical Lab would perform your test . Our tests are extremely accurate. Our Lab is Under constant evaluation , quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), and proficency evaluation (PT) and state inspection. Our  Lab director is MD in STD field.

 generic medical lab

Waiting for result

 Most result in minutes

Always promise 1-2 days may take up to one week

STD Test and screening order  

By MD in Venerology practice

Chosen by doctor only considering your exam, history, complaint and time of exposure

Chosen by online sales counselors, Telemarketer, Venders, etc



If you become positive

  Availble on same day of testing

No Treatment  

You have to find a doctor to get treated then, and doctor may need his own test order if not in agreement with online counselors tests

Peace of Mind

To be given to you by MD Physician only

None, (no mater what online vender claims)

Cancellation Fee

  No penalty

  10-20 %


Please feel free to read about our center, we are well known by state and nationally,  credential of health care provider is in diclosed for your evaluation

There is no company physical address information is disclosed on the web site, mostly out of state with toll free # and credit card machine


 No ID or Credit card name and  billing address information would be shared online. you may choose to pay direct as well for the service.



 You may share all your billing information and name, which is link to patient online or online company as a STD testing  Customer.

NGU, Crabs,  Bacterial culture, Herpes culture,  Trichomonas , Chancroid, Infectious Mono, LGV  evaluation, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), MRSA,  and so many more test...

 All available


 only 4-6 routine panel test is available

with routine non customized procedure for everyone




Please refer to the following FDA guidlines:

"The following general precautions apply to any healthcare purchase on the Internet:

-Donít be fooled by a professional-looking website. Anyone can hire a web-page designer to create an appealing site.

-Avoid websites with only a post office number...

-Avoid products with impressive-sounding terminology that can hide bad science.

-Beware of claims that the test complies with all regulatory agencies.

-Beware of tests labeled for export only. This usually means that the test is not -cleared or approved for sale in the U.S."

"So what precautions can a consumer take? If you think that you have a medical condition or disease, see your doctor or healthcare professional. Donít try to diagnose yourself with questionable products obtained over the Internet."


Comprehensive STD Panel!

"In the world of STDs there are no comprehensive panels," states Dr. Arani, M.D. "It is as if you were to travel to France, Germany, Russia and Mexico and then claim that you have seen the whole world comprehensively!" There are numerous conditions and STD tests, so to just check for a few via a negative tests does not mean you are STD free. The only way to be certain is to be tested by an experienced physician who interprets the results for you. 


What about internet "No name testing"

Most of these websites claim that they perform testing without name, yet they receive the full buyer information by the credit card information - address and name. When returning the test back to the patient, they will replace the name with a code number. You will not see your name on the report, but this does not mean they do not have your name! It is similar to when you go to the DMV and take the number to wait for a counter. At some point they are going to need your ID. Laboratory tests by law need to link the testing result with a real human name. Test result with your name would go to these websites and they will simply hide your name when they return your test back to you!


Accuracy of tests with a STD websites

A test could be extremely accurate but be ultimately worthless. 

For example, VDRL is a test for syphilis that could become falsely positive (positive in the absence of syphilis) if you have HIV, infectious Mono, lupus, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, hepatitis A, occasionally pregnancy, etc. It could also become falsely negative (negative test in presence of syphilis) with a HIV infection, immunosuppressant patient, or simple timing of the test. Therefore, you need to be evaluated by your doctor. In the above example, the syphilis VDRL test itself could be very accurate, but worthless if it gives a false result. So just a positive or negative test result by a lab does not necessarily mean that you do or do not have STD.


Please refer to United states FDA guideline regarding medical lab tests.

"What factors affect your lab test results?

Many factors can affect test results, including:




medical history

general health

specific foods

drugs you are taking

how closely your follow preparatory instructions

variations in laboratory techniques

variation from one laboratory to another"


Your doctor will consider the above before they order a test for you."





Our STD testing is strictly confidential and is done by our certified lab
and medical professional laboratory. They will be ordered, 
interpreted, and explained
to you by a Board Certified MD only. We do our own testing based on a
doctor's recommendation and your concerns. We work as a team with

Dr. Arani's direct supervision.


Some of the related  blood / urine / body fluid tests that would assist us to screen and diagnose different STDs  



Trichomonas Microscopic study


HIV-1 - Antibody Screen , RNA, PCR, western blot, viral load

HIV-2 test

Mycoplasma Hominis culture 

Mumps IgG ELISA  (for Testicular  infection )


Hepatitis B - Surface Antigen HBsAG
Anti-HBc (Hep B core antibodies)
Anti HBs (Hep B surface antibody)

Chlamydia Trochmatis DNA, PCR (urine)

Chlamydia RNA (urine)

Chlamydia ( urethral, endocervical sampling)

Chlamydia Trochmatis by blood test

Ureaplasma Culture


Hepatitis C - Antibody

Bacterial Vaginosis test

Infectios Mono

LGV DFA titer


Genital Herpes 

Labial Herpes

Oral herpes


Neisseria Gonorrhea DNA , PCR (urine)

Gonorrhea RNA (urine)

Gonorrhea (Urethral or endocervical sampling)


Syphilis - RPR


Syphilis- VDRL

Yeast infection test by KOH and Microscopic study

Urethral / Vagina fluid or discharge Microscopic study

Condyloma microscopy  (genital wart)

Molloscum Contagiosum study

Scabies evaluation

Ring worm Koh test

Jock itch Koh test

Genital wound culture


and many more






(The following patients were seen recently in our clinic, and are just some of the numerous examples of similar praise.)

"Thank you for giving me all of the test and explanations....I looked on the internet for other centers. There are labs, but none had a doctor." T. Braz California May 2008


"I flew 3000 miles to see Dr.Arani, he was only doctor that identified my condition, more importantly

he was very sincere during this ordeal".

J.R  from Florida


".....With 4 weeks of  penile discomort and negative gonorrhea/ chlamydia  test finally I was tested by Dr. Arani and

he explained and treated me and everything got clear in few days ...."


.. "I got tested with  commercial medical lab and I was positive for herpes. I was so stressed and I did not know what to do till I came and got examined and tested with doctor and I was explained that everything was fine !. I got so relieved....."

Confidential Patient  Torrance, CA


"It was amazing that I got tested for both HIV 1 and HIV 2 without needle and I found out I was negative in only few minutes. "   

Pacoima, California






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